Delete your personal information from people-search sites

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Welcome to the jet age, where everything has gone ballistic. I remember back in the days when all we could do to send messages across from one area to another was by letter writing. Things were much easier then. You had to plan very well about all you wanted to say, all you wanted to request, to ask knowing well that once you posted the letter, depending on the distance of the recipient, the time it will take to get your letter delivered, read and replied could span into weeks.

Fast-forward some couple of decades into today and what have you? Instant messaging platforms and social sites have unarguably made more young millionaires than the previous ages combined. With the ease of communication comes associated burdens. First we had to register on, then came bbm and twitter…now the list is endless. Once active on these platforms, sharing and posting of personal information such as middle names, personal addresses, pictures, events, family pictures and a host of other personal biodata have become the norm. Sometimes we get to see our names on sites that we never intended them to be on, especially as cyber crime and scams have escalated alongside the rise of these social networks_ the more influential or powerful a person is, the more likely it is to find his/her personal information being used for some nefarious activities or the other.

So? what is the way forward to combat or at least mitigate the use of our personal info by miscreants who commit cyber havoc and tarnish our images and reputations which we guide so jealously?

We help you delete your personal information from people-search sites, data sites and public websites. We keep it short and simple. Our job is simply to crawl across the web and look for places where your personal information has been used without your permission and remove them; thus saving you the stress of always having to watch your back as regards the use of your vital, personal information online.

Premium services we offer include:

-protecting your identity by removing your name and personal information entirely from the internet
-removing just your name from over 100 people search sites
-prevent and minimise identity theft
-fix your search results
-removing your name from public listings hence cutting down the instances of spams, spoof emails, calls etc
-offer paid content services to bury negative links in search results, if your personal information can’t be removed.

Don’t you just want to get on this train already?? I’m sure you do.

All these premium services with an accompanying peace of mind, come at a one time cost of not $100_ which of course would have been a fair price considering that your security is what’s at stake here..
To enjoy all these services, all you have to do is: 1. Visit 2. Register a free account 3. Pay the one time fee of $49.95; and then have access to all the services provided and lots more.