How To Protect Your Identity

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In today’s society, news can easily spread with the help of blog sites and various social networking sites. As most people believe what they read on the internet, a small bad rumor can result in getting your reputation ruined. A bad image is rarely fixed as posts stay on websites for as long as they’re up, meaning those false accusations will remain accessible to people around the world in just a few clicks. Your privacy is also jeopardized as your private information can easily be accessed and used by others for identity theft. If you’re now thinking “how do I remove my name for my safety?” then is here for you. is a website that offers services that will keep your identity safe from other people. It also gives added benefits that will make your life easier and stress free by getting lesser spam calls and spam e-mails and potentially give you a better image online. works by searching your personal information from the internet – from data-broker databases to search sites – and deleting them. This will protect your identity and greatly reduce unwanted annoying e-mails and calls that often spam your inbox. Getting a bad reputation is also common on the internet as people often judge without knowing the truth. This is easily remedied by the removal of your personal information from the internet and leads to lowering risks of identity theft and false accusations.

We offer our services for a low cost one time payment of only $49.95, while removing two names comes at $89.95. This is a cheap price to pay for keeping your personal information safe and removing a bad image for good. Such results are also close to impossible to obtain without help as removing your name or a bad image requires a dedicated team of experts using the proper tools needed. After our team receives an order, we will provide our services by removing your name and protecting your personal information from a huge range of popular people search sites, public sites and data sites. We try to get results in less than 30 days and will continue to provide our services for one year after obtaining the order. We also offer a safety net service, where we offer paid content service that will bury any negative search results in Google in case your personal information can not be removed.

Identity theft is a rampaging crime with how easy it is to access personal information and use it to abuse and frame other people. Although this makes it harder to maintain a private life or have a good image, it adds more reason to get your name removed. Paying a small amount of cash for a service that lasts for a year and grants you a safer life would be one of the best decisions in your life. Everyone deserves a private life free from identity theft and spam e-mails. Be sure to keep your identity safe. Order our services and you will not regret it.

Remove your name from the Internet

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Ever browsed a website and had a pop up for an advertisement come up that intrigues you because you were looking for that exact thing a week ago online? Online companies know that. That’s why they put it there. If there’s anything online businesses know, that’s to give you want you want or at least make you think that’s what they are doing. With a few quick searches online someone can find your full name, address, phone number, family members, hobbies interests, work place, social group and so much more about you. All through history and public information world wide. The online world is a huge industry that is very useful to a lot of people. But how do I eliminate that? Hide my details from the scammers and searchers.

Name removal is your answer. Hide your details from scammers, banks, sales representatives and anyone seeking Goss on you. Have a straight success at work because your colleagues and bosses can’t track what you do on your sick days or in your personal time. Your work will remain just work, no social or family life dragged into it to screw up your chances at that big promotion on the line. Your ex can’t drag you down with media she’s found on the girl you had a flirty sweet conversation with on your morning coffee run to get back at your new girlfriend. Your parents can’t be disappointed in you because you blew off Christmas, or thanks giving for a music gig or racing event with the mates because there will be no public photos of you drinking with the mates all over the net. You won’t get home from work to a ringing phone with sales people pitching their charity and wanting donations because they won’t get your number.

And it’s all easy as ABC. You say go, we do it all for you. No one online would even know you exist without your say so. You can browse the net ad free cause marketers can’t see your history and flash up scams that look like what you’ve been looking for your whole life. Protect yourself, your family, your job and your social life with no unexpected bumps from the internet. Let someone go seeking for your details and personal information and get ‘no results found’ on the biggest search engines. For one small payment you can hide all your information and details from the online world.

Name removal hides everything from the public online world starting at your search engine history, yellow pages details, unwanted tags in social media, to your family detail. If you’re a product business we can remove your bad reviews and unwanted reports to help your business beams the best it can.

It’s practically witness protection for yourself on the internet. One small payment removes your name for a year and if you don’t want any new media being put up on you we send you reminders for a quick and easy renewal for the next year. You could even remove your name for yourself and one other for a cheaper price with the 2 people option.

Remove personal data from the Internet

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Now you can protect your privacy on the Internet with our name removal services. This is very important for the peace of mind of you and your family. offers you an easy way to remove your name as well as all your personal data from the Internet. This is very important in case you wish to avoid unwanted mails, calls and spam entering your inbox. This site ensures that your name gets removed from more than a hundred sites as well as data-broker databases. This means that your name will not be popping up in various search engine results.

You need this service in case you wish to avoid identity theft. As your personal data will not be available on the internet, it will not be possible for anyone to misuse it. Your personal image is highly dependent on the personal information about you that is available on the internet. Once you are able to delete all personal information, photos and family albums, public profile and social information from the internet, nobody would be able to know anything about your personal life. makes you feel safe like never before. The fact remains that this is something that a person cannot do himself. even if you request a website to remove your personal details, they may not do so or may not do it completely. In fact, they can simply ignore your request. With so many benefits of name removal services, it makes sense to invest in a one time fee of $49.95 and avail of these services. This is a one time fee for a full year and renewal notification is sent once the year ends. As soon as the payment is made, the work starts on removing your name from the internet. This is done to ensure that this personal information is not copied on to other sites. The work on name removal usually gets over in a month’s time. In case this does not happen, then paid content services are offered to suppress this information. In case this is done, it may take a bit longer to remove your information.

It is important to note here that not all the information from all the sites will be removed. After all, data like your name, place of birth, date of birth and so on is public information. So it may not be possible to remove such data. But can help to remove the links that connect the data with the name. This can be really helpful in protecting your privacy.

With so many benefits of this service, it is definitely worthwhile to try us out. All that you need to do is to give your name along with your personal information to this site. Next you can buy this service for a year. Once done, they will start working on removing your name and data from various sites. The results will be visible to you soon enough as you would be getting names of the sites from where your data has been removed!

Delete your personal information from people-search sites

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Welcome to the jet age, where everything has gone ballistic. I remember back in the days when all we could do to send messages across from one area to another was by letter writing. Things were much easier then. You had to plan very well about all you wanted to say, all you wanted to request, to ask knowing well that once you posted the letter, depending on the distance of the recipient, the time it will take to get your letter delivered, read and replied could span into weeks.

Fast-forward some couple of decades into today and what have you? Instant messaging platforms and social sites have unarguably made more young millionaires than the previous ages combined. With the ease of communication comes associated burdens. First we had to register on, then came bbm and twitter…now the list is endless. Once active on these platforms, sharing and posting of personal information such as middle names, personal addresses, pictures, events, family pictures and a host of other personal biodata have become the norm. Sometimes we get to see our names on sites that we never intended them to be on, especially as cyber crime and scams have escalated alongside the rise of these social networks_ the more influential or powerful a person is, the more likely it is to find his/her personal information being used for some nefarious activities or the other.

So? what is the way forward to combat or at least mitigate the use of our personal info by miscreants who commit cyber havoc and tarnish our images and reputations which we guide so jealously?

We help you delete your personal information from people-search sites, data sites and public websites. We keep it short and simple. Our job is simply to crawl across the web and look for places where your personal information has been used without your permission and remove them; thus saving you the stress of always having to watch your back as regards the use of your vital, personal information online.

Premium services we offer include:

-protecting your identity by removing your name and personal information entirely from the internet
-removing just your name from over 100 people search sites
-prevent and minimise identity theft
-fix your search results
-removing your name from public listings hence cutting down the instances of spams, spoof emails, calls etc
-offer paid content services to bury negative links in search results, if your personal information can’t be removed.

Don’t you just want to get on this train already?? I’m sure you do.

All these premium services with an accompanying peace of mind, come at a one time cost of not $100_ which of course would have been a fair price considering that your security is what’s at stake here..
To enjoy all these services, all you have to do is: 1. Visit 2. Register a free account 3. Pay the one time fee of $49.95; and then have access to all the services provided and lots more.  

Importance of Name Removal Services

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Good digital footprint and reputation is essential for all businesses that operate both online and offline. Almost all established businesses have an online reputation knowingly or unknowingly that may be positive or negative. Customers who purchase products and services from companies and business owners post reviews of their experiences with products and services on company websites, forums and social media platforms that include major social sites like Facebook and Twitter. A negative review affects the company’s sale of products and services no matter how small it may be. Name removal from search engines helps in cleaning a company’s online reputation and managing it.

Research carried out by different public relations companies has produced surprising results in regards to online reputation. Companies that have a bad reputation on the internet are likely to suffer from a significant drop in their sales regardless of their product superiority or the excellence of the services offered by the firm.

Reputation Management

With the ever growing competition in the business world, small businesses are the ones at a greater risk of going under when their reputation gets damaged. Some competitors in the market utilize the internet to damage other businesses reputation so as to remain dominant in the market. This is referred to as “character assassination” or “defamation”. Individuals can also post unfair comments about products or services due to misunderstanding or dissatisfaction. Name removal should be paramount whenever such businesses feel their survival is threatened by the negative image of their company displayed on the World Wide Web.

Reputation management and name removal services are able to clear all remarks and negative image that a business does not want displayed on the internet about their products or services. The services offer an all round solution to clear data on search engines and social media platforms.

Through using a reverse search engine optimization technique and content generation, reputation management companies also help businesses improve their online visibility by boosting the business’s website ranking on search engines. It is estimated that 56% of those who use Google go for the first search result. Only 13% consider the second search result. Promotion of a systematic online reputation management for a business produces an opportunity for the business to reach new audience targets. Potential customers are able to generally view the business’s website as legit and thus feel safe purchasing from the company or business owner.

Cyber Investigation

Internet anonymity is widely misused by individuals and companies to defame others. The privilege of staying anonymous while committing character assassination makes it difficult to take legal action against the perpetrators. Name removal companies assist businesses to unmask those who assassinate their online reputation under anonymity. A bad reputation on anything is highly damaging. It can occur on anyone and anything. What determines the character survival and restoration of a good reputation is the time taken to respond. Name removal can be done personally but requires time and understanding of reverse SEO, plenty of content generation and content promotion. The best and effective solution is hiring a reputation management company to handle the problem.