Name Removal Just launched

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Name Removal has just launched and is the ultimate solution for people who wish to protect their name online and avoid identity theft and misuse through any means.

Identity theft and publicizing of the name in the negative way is pretty common over the internet and many people are exploited and troubled by this. Clearing the name or concealing the identity, protecting from theft and misuse are some features which are not easy to achieve on your own and require some expert help in this regard.

Name Removal is a company that has just launched and will be offering their services in this regard. They are offering a host of features with reliability and value at the prime of the package. The service focuses on clearing the name from the internet searches and will also focus on the protection of identity, personal information and will reduce the spam for the customers.

Public displays of profiles and names in internet searches can be removed through Name Removal. Any search site, data broker databases or search engines would not be able to produce the personal information or details of the protected customer. Be it an address or an identity, all of it remains protected under the service.

At a onetime initial cost for a single person of $49.99 or $89.99 for two people, one can ensure complete protection and safety for a long term. These prices are negligible considering the amount of services and the time span to which they will last. Also, the customer service team will be working on behalf of the customer for a year which will ensure that complete safety is in effect at all times.

Though the system might at times not be able to provide complete invisibility, but a team of experts will always remain dedicated to helping the customers out personally. In case a name cannot be removed, the service will bury negative links from the search engine results. Name Removal is ready and taking orders from customers so people who wish to protect themselves online can have a go.